Focus: The Journal of Social Science (JoSS) is dedicated to publishing high-quality research and scholarship in the field of social science. Our primary focus is to facilitate the exploration and understanding of diverse aspects of human society, behavior, and interactions.

Scope: JoSS welcomes submissions that cover a wide range of topics within the social sciences, including but not limited to:

  • Sociology: The study of social structures, organizations, and human behavior in societies.
  • Psychology: Research on human cognition, emotions, behavior, and mental processes.
  • Political Science: Analysis of political systems, governance, and public policy.
  • Economics: Studies on economic theories, markets, and their societal impacts.
  • Anthropology: Research on human cultures, societies, and their evolution.
  • Education: Investigations into pedagogy, learning, and educational practices.
  • Communication Studies: Analysis of communication processes, media, and journalism.
  • Social Work: Studies on social welfare, social services, and support systems.
  • History: Research on historical events, eras, and their influence on society.
  • Geography: Examination of spatial relationships, landscapes, and urban studies.

We encourage diverse research approaches, methodologies, and perspectives that contribute to a deeper understanding of the complex interactions and dynamics within human societies. JoSS aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of knowledge and ideas that enhance our comprehension of the social world. Researchers, scholars, and practitioners are invited to contribute to the ongoing dialogue within the social sciences through our journal.