Author Guidelines for OJS (Open Journal Systems)

Thank you for considering submitting your work to our journal using Open Journal Systems (OJS). To ensure a smooth and efficient review process, please follow the guidelines outlined below:

  1. Manuscript Preparation:

    • Format: Prepare your manuscript in a standard word processing format, preferably Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or LaTeX.
    • Length: Ensure that your manuscript meets the specified word count or page limit indicated by the journal.
    • Title: Provide a concise and informative title that accurately reflects the content of your paper.
    • Abstract: Include an abstract of 150-250 words summarizing the main objectives, methodology, results, and conclusions of your study.
    • Keywords: Provide a list of 3-6 keywords that are relevant to your research.
    • Structure: Organize your manuscript into sections such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion. Consider following the journal's specific structure requirements if provided.
  2. References:

    • Citations: Use a consistent citation style, such as APA, MLA, or Harvard, and ensure that all in-text citations are included in the reference list.
    • Accuracy: Verify the accuracy of your references, including author names, publication titles, and publication years.
  3. Figures and Tables:

    • Numbering: Number all figures and tables consecutively and provide clear captions for each.
    • Quality: Ensure that all figures and tables are of high quality and can be easily understood.
    • Citations: If figures or tables have been previously published, provide appropriate citations and permissions as required.
  4. Ethical Considerations:

    • Plagiarism: Ensure that your manuscript is original and properly acknowledges the work of others. Avoid any form of plagiarism.
    • Conflict of Interest: Disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise from your research or its publication.
    • Ethics: If your research involves human or animal subjects, provide evidence of compliance with relevant ethical guidelines and obtain necessary approvals.
  5. Submission Process:

    • Online Submission: Submit your manuscript through the journal's online submission system, following the instructions provided.
    • Author Information: Provide accurate and up-to-date contact information for all authors, including affiliations and email addresses.
    • Supplementary Materials: If applicable, include any supplementary materials or data that support your manuscript.
  6. Review Process:

    • Peer Review: Be aware that your manuscript will undergo a peer-review process. The reviewers' comments and suggestions should be addressed appropriately.
    • Revision: If revisions are requested, carefully consider the reviewers' feedback and make the necessary revisions to improve the quality of your paper.
    • Timeliness: Adhere to the specified deadlines for submitting revised manuscripts.
  7. Copyright and Licensing:

    • Copyright Transfer: If accepted, be prepared to transfer the copyright of your manuscript to the journal or publisher.
    • Licensing: Understand and comply with the journal's licensing requirements, such as Creative Commons licenses.
  8. Open Access and Fees:

    • Open Access: If the journal follows an open access model, familiarize yourself with any associated publication fees or article processing charges (APCs) that may apply.
  9. Contact Information:

    • For any questions or clarifications regarding the submission process, contact the journal's editorial office or designated contact person.

Please note that these guidelines serve as general recommendations. Some journals may have specific formatting and style requirements, so it's essential to review the journal's website or instructions for authors for any additional instructions.