Author Fee

Effective from 17 July, the Noble Theme will implement an author fee to cover the costs associated with the publication process. The author fee is applicable to accepted manuscripts and is intended to ensure the sustainability and quality of the journal. The following details the author fee policy:

  1. Amount:

    • The author fee for each accepted manuscript is set at $100.
    • The fee covers the cost of manuscript processing, editing, formatting, online publication, and other administrative expenses.
  2. Payment:

    • Authors are required to pay the author fee upon acceptance of their manuscript.
    • Payment instructions, including accepted payment methods, will be provided by the [Journal Name] editorial office upon acceptance.
    • The author fee is non-refundable, even in cases of subsequent withdrawal or rejection of the manuscript.
  3. Waiver Policy:

    • The Noble Theme recognizes that not all authors may have the financial means to cover the author fee.
    • A limited number of fee waivers may be available for authors from low-income countries or based on individual circumstances. Authors can request a waiver during the submission process or by contacting the [Journal Name] editorial office.
    • Fee waiver requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, considering the author's need and the availability of funds.
  4. Grants and Funding:

    • Authors are encouraged to explore funding opportunities within their institutions or research organizations to cover the author fee.
    • Some funding agencies or research grants may allow the use of funds for publication charges. Authors should consult the relevant guidelines and regulations.

The author fee supports the ongoing operation and development of the [Journal Name] and helps maintain the open-access nature of the journal, ensuring that published articles are freely available to readers worldwide.

Please note that the above author fee notice is a general template. Journals may have specific author fee policies and guidelines that should be reviewed and followed accordingly.